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About Us

We offer 

Awareness ·
 Consulting · Training

- Free consulting for  programs, new or existing

- Curriculum development

- Models and best practices

- Videos and webinars 

- Assistance for schools, colleges/CareerTech, and more

- Referrals to national resources

- Online and other promotion

We believe

Mentoring, coaching, leadership development,  internships, and apprenticeships benefit people

- Kindergarten - Age 24 (Really throughout life)

- Entering the workforce and beginning/building careers

- Special populations of various ages (Life happens!)

We began as a collaborative of dedicated, multi-talented, and experienced people working to advance mentoring statewide.

We learn and share about as well as promote quality mentoring for multiple ages and populations in Oklahoma.

We know from research that quality, monitored mentoring in its various forms develop Oklahomans academically, socially, emotionally, and economically through targeted relationships.